3 Most Commonly Renovated Rooms After Buying a Home

Congratulations on finally purchasing your new home! Renovations are a great way to help modernize, add a personal flare, and help add value to your home. Here are three of the most popular rooms in a home to undergo a renovation. 


Chances are the home you just bought had an unfinished basement, leaving you with concrete walls and floors, which isn’t visually appealing to anyone. Basements can be overlooked for gatherings, but believe it or not they can be a great place to unwind and bring people together. Renovating your basement can help add value to your property, especially if you decide to make it into a rental unit. By adding a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom and post an ad on a rental website can help with payments on your mortgage or give you some extra income. Even if you decide to not rent out your basement, it is still a great investment into your home.


One of the reasons why it is a room that normally undergoes renovations is that is part of the home that is used daily and out of necessity. It is also a space that is used for relaxation. While it is most likely a smaller space in the home, you should still consider the costs associated with doing a renovation on your bathroom. You will need to consider the costs for plumbing, tiles, countertops, sinks, shower, bath, etc…


The kitchen itself is a space that is dear to every family. This is the part of the home where we learn to cook, join our family for meals together, and check to see what’s leftover in fridge late at night and again it is a space used daily out of necessity. Like the bathroom there are multiple things to consider when renovating, however with a wide range of products available, it is easy to customize the kitchen to your needs. Having a modern kitchen can also help with increasing the value of your property. Renovations are no easy task and you shouldn’t dive headfirst into them. It is important to remember that it is your own space you will be renovating and that these renovations will hopefully not interfere with your daily routine (or interfere as little as possible and not disrupt your routine that much). Sure renovations can help add value to your home, but remember most of the renovations are done for the homeowner's fulfilment and not to turn a quick profit.